Shipping Policy

We understand and realize that in the world of shipping damages and losses happen. It could be our mistake or the carrier's, but we want to make sure that your items are covered!

Important Notes: 

  • All claims filed through our website for packages lost or damaged in transit must be filed within 30 DAYS of the ORIGINAL ship date. Any claims submitted after this timeframe will not be valid for processing or reimbursement due to limitations on when claims are accepted for approval by the carriers. 
  • We can only provide a refund for the order value at the time it was fulfilled (e.g. if you sell a shirt for $20 but you had a promotion for $5 off for this order, then we would only refund $15 on this order and not $20).
  • International lost in transit claims: Due to low carrier scan rates in other countries, we require you attach communication from the end customer stating they did not receive the package.

Orders Up to $100 Value:

Every shipment shipped through our 3rd party distributor is covered up to $100, regardless of the carrier used. We will provide instant refunds for these shipments.

  • To get a refund for a lost or damaged shipment, please sent us an email to .
  • We need to receive the invoice or proof of the value of the item to provide to our insurance company.
  • Once we receive this information, please allow 6-8 business days for the claim to be processed.

Orders Over $100 Value:

If you are shipping items with a value of over $100, we highly recommend you purchase additional insurance. We cannot provide refunds or file claims for values over $100 if the order is NOT insured.


  • If the Insurance Value is over $300, a signature will automatically be required and charged. 
  • If the item is insured, we can provide instant refunds for a value of item(s) up to $500.
  • If the item is NOT insured, we can only provide instant refunds for up to $100 of the total value of the item(s) (as described above). 
  • The insurance policy does not cover the shipping cost of the lost/damaged order.


What to do if you have not  received your package:

Tracking by the carrier may have stalled. Delivery for standard domestic shipments can take up to two weeks, and it can take up to a month for international shipments to reach their destination. If tracking does not update 15 days past the ship date for domestic shipments and 30 days past the ship date for international shipments, we can proceed with a lost-in-transit claim on your behalf.

While we can reship right away at any point, we need to wait until after the inactivity periods pass before we can consider the package lost and proceed with a claim.


To ensure a speedy resolution, please include the following in an email to

  • Email address
  • Waisted order ID
  • Tracking number
  • Nature of Loss: Damage/Loss
  • Merchandise Description
  • Merchandise Cost
  • Reshipment Required? Yes/No
  • Invoice/proof of value of merchandise (Please attach. A screenshot is sufficient)


Once you send us the above information, we can credit your account up to $100 for the value of merchandise. If the value of merchandise exceeds $100, additional insurance would have to have been purchased for a full reimbursement.


Note: We are not able to file claims for shipments marked "Delivered" with domestic tracking and shipments marked "Delivered to Destination Country: End of Tracking" with international tracking. Our shipping company  does not open investigations with carriers for items marked delivered. At this point we can only reship to the customer at your request.

While rare, there are occasions on which recipients claim that they have not received an order even though the tracking URL states otherwise, often because of theft or the carrier leaving the package in a public lobby or space.

Unfortunately, we do not have recourse in these situations.

If the tracking states "Delivered," we cannot file a claim.

If the tracking states "ARRIVAL AT DESTINATION COUNTRY - END OF TRACKING, DELIVERY SHORTLY" or a similar message, this is effectively the same as being marked as "Delivered," as sometimes the end carrier does not have the capability to make a final update to the tracking to show "Delivered."

What can you do?

For future orders you can require a signature by the recipient for an extra cost.

Additionally, you can contact the postal carrier directly to launch an investigation to see if there is any further recourse. Make sure to have the tracking number handy to launch the investigation. Please see below for links to each of our carriers' customer service portals: